Whats new and whats changed


10 September 2004

Updated Contact and Centre Details

13 May 2004

Added link to Snowball 2004!

27 November 2002

Added 2002 Accounts

Notice about EMail addresses

30 October 2002

Removed out of date old holiday, training and contact information

25 October 2002

Removed old content - such as Hillingdon information

The site you are viewing is now hosted by

14 March 2002

Added 2002 Gloucester Dates

16 January 2002

Added Accounts information to the site

7 January 2002

Added Aldershot dates for 1st half of the year

4 January 2002

Added new calendar hosted on this site, with known events

10 September 2001

Added Grade III Course at Gloucester contact details

3 September 2001

Hillingdon training has been cancelled due to arson attack

Removed details of previous treasurer

31 July 2001

Added Gloucester Phone Contact Number

30 July 2001

Added Gloucester Dates

Added Gloucester Contact Details

23 July 2001

Added Aldershot dates for 2nd half of the year

Updated Centre Details

Important News About Future Hillingdon Sessions

29 June 2001

Important News About the Summer BBQ on 7 July

11 June 2001

Added June Hillingdon Newsletter

17 May 2001

Added May Hillingdon Newsletter

12 April 2001

Added April Hillingdon Newsletter

Added Wycombe Summit News and Dates

11 March 2001

Added March Hillingdon Newsletter

Had to remove national newsletters as our current space allocation is full - they will return when we get some more space

06 February 2001

Added February Hillingdon Newsletter

Added Winter 2000 National Newsletter

16 January 2001

Added link to the BSCD Calendar

Updated contact details

Updated centre details

Added January Hillingdon Newsletter

Added January Aldershot Newsletter

Added known Aldershot Dates for 2001

Added known Bowles Dates for 2001

08 December 2000

Added 2001 dates for Folkestone

04 December 2000

Added October,November and December Hillingdon Newsletters

26 September 2000

Added Folkestone dates

Added September Hillingdon Newsletter

07 August 2000

Added July and August Hillingdon Newsletters (and added text versions for the previous months)

19 July 2000

Added training dates

Added "What is Disabled Skiing Page"

18 July 2000

Added link to the Grade II 2000 course gallery

Added link to the Glenshee 1999-2000 holiday gallery

Added e-mail link to main page

Added a guest book

Updated some contact details

05 July 2000

Added June Aldershot Newsletter

Added Aldershot Dates for 2nd half of 2000

15 June 2000

Added Winter 1999 and Summer 2000 National Newsletters

12 June 2000

Added June Hillingdon Newsletter

10 May 2000

Added May Hillingdon Newsletter

Added Aldershot Dates

27 April 2000

Added pictures from the 1999/2000 holiday

25 April 2000

Added March and April Hillingdon Newsletters

17 April 2000

Updated all holiday details - as they have all been completed. If you have any articles or pictures please send to the WebSite

04 January 2000

Updated the Glenshee holiday details - as it now is in the past. A great time was had by all

20 December 1999

Added some new links

16 December 1999

Added December Newsletter for Hillingdon

15 December 1999

Updated holiday information - Glenshee and Courchevel are now fully booked

Added Dates for the Bowles centre

Updated Centre Information

3 December 1999

Added Search facility to site

2 December 1999

Added a whole load of articles from the Summer99 newsletter

Added articles from last years holidays

Changed the background colour and set the font as 'Tohama' - what do you think?

29 November 1999

Added links to the National Newsletters

16 November 1999

Corrected Courchevel holiday details - URGENT!!! guides are still needed

9 November 1999

Updated Holiday Information (Glenshee and Courchevel are now full up!!)

5 November 1999

Added November Newsletter for Hillingdon

14 October 1999

Added Holiday Information

17 September 1999

Contact information has been updated

Site made text only and basic layout changed